Learn about the project’s objectives and activities.

Project Objectives

FIGHT THE FRIGHT project aim is to:

  • Develop key and transferable competencies, impacting adults' private and professional lives - foreign language competence, interpersonal communication, self-empowerment, and self-esteem
  • Reinforce the introduction of drama techniques in teaching and learning of key skills and competences
  • Improve adults' learning performance
  • Enhance employability and improved career prospects for adult learners
  • Modernize the education and training offer for adult learners but as well to:
    • Increase adult participation in learning
    • Increase competencies of adult educators and staff for motivating the participants and supporting persistence of adults in learning
    • Increase the use of open online portals for implementing blended learning and increasing the flexibility of training programs, supporting self-directed learning, and supporting the exchange of best practices and experiences among adult education staff.
Project Activities

Partners will create an open-source online learning platform featuring activities, tools, and materials in English and in partners’ national languages to support the blended pilot of the Take the Stage Curriculum, aimed at developing public speaking skills in a foreign language for members of the working-age population (individuals aged 15-64) in local and national contexts.

The activities, tools, and materials on the platform will also be available for self-directed learning for any citizen that is not directly included in the Curriculum piloting but needs to develop interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills, storytelling and presentation skills, communicative competence in a foreign language (English), and/or oral communication skills in digital environments. This will ensure greater flexibility and wider target audience reach since online activities can be more accessible for adult learners - they can be processed in smaller chunks of time, at any time or place, and are easily revisited/revised. Additionally, they present a less formal way to instruct and deliver teaching to adults that might not be interested in a formal course.

The platform will also be open source - all elements (activities, materials, tools) will be free for other individuals and stakeholders to (re)use, improve and integrate into their training offer (as long as all copies retain the same license as the original materials).