The FIGHT THE FRIGHT project proposes an innovative approach that uses performance arts disciplines, including drama and storytelling, to build a package of innovative learning educational resources to build key transversal skills of adults.

In a pedagogic context, the performing arts of storytelling and drama in language learning to overcome the obstacles in public speaking are now considered appropriate techniques for critical competence building.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, it is the opinion of partners that new approaches are needed to try and attract those issues with the new developed materials and resources in this project:


Curriculum for developing public speaking in a foreign language using drama techniques. 


A guide for adult education professionals on using drama techniques in teaching and learning.


An online platform for developing public speaking skills.

As there is clear evidence that adult education in its current form is not attractive to most adults, the FIGHT THE FRIGHT project will significantly contribute to the design of the proposed learning resources, learning opportunities, and different learning activities. With partners’ expertise in adult education and training, all proposed activities can be used to illustrate which services could be modeled in the other EU Member States. The potential exchange of best practices could be a significant added value emerging from the project.

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    Available courses

    Module 1

    As part of Module 1: Verbal Communication, participants will learn and develop skills in the following area: active listening, cohesion and coherence, clarity, persuasiveness, and emotional tone vs logical argumentation. 


    • list and describe characteristics of effective verbal communication

    • list and describe characteristic of clear verbal communication 

    • recognize the negative aspects/consequences of poor communication skills

    • explain the importance of good listening skills for being a good communicator

    • explain the importance of emotions in communication

    • explain the relation between logical argumentation and emotional tone


    • improved skills in active listening

    • adapting verbal communication according to the audience

    • writing a persuasive speech about a certain topic

    • giving valid argument to defend a particular topic/attitude/opinion

    • balancing between emotional and logical argumentation in communication


    • increased awareness of the importance of good verbal communication skills for public speaking including personal and work-life

    • increased awareness of their verbal communication skills and ways to improve them

    • increased tolerance for others’ thoughts, opinions, and attitudes 

    • increased confidence in speaking in front of strangers


    Module 1 comprises lesson plans, guidelines and teaching materials for 5 hours of face-to-face instruction.

    Teacher: Dora Makri